1. Introduction:

The following paragraphs define the HumCen Awards 2022 (VIRTUAL EVENT) rules (hereafter “the Award rules”) and state the terms and conditions in relation to the participation, application, and running of the HumCen Awards (hereafter “the Awards”).

2.The Organizer:

The enterprise, HumCen Global Pvt. Ltd, registered in India, Corporate Identity Number: U74999TN2021PTC140754 hereafter referred as “HumCen Co” is organizing a Competition named “HumCen Awards 2022”.

3.Who can Participate?

>Any Individuals like Academicians, Innovators, Inventors, Mentors, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs and Innopreneurs (hereafter referred to as Individuals) can enter the competition.

>Academic Institutions (School, Colleges & Universities) or Companies, Startups hereafter referred to as Entity can enter the competition.

>Innovative Products (hereafter referred to as Products) can enter the competition.

4) Eligibility

Anyone seeking recognition for their achievements is one of the very basic eligibilities for this HumCen Award.

5) Last submission date:

The last day to submit an application is April 30, 2022.HumCen Co reserves the right to extend or shorten the application period.

6)Nomination process:

Entities, Individuals, and Products can enter the Awards by applying online.

The application form must be completed in English.

If and once the request has been approved, we will send a confirmation email.

7) Winners shortlisting process:

Once a submission has been shortlisted by the panel members, we will send a confirmation email requesting (optional) supporting materials:

8) Awarding process:

The HumCen Awards 2022 Virtual Ceremony will be on May 29th, 2022.

Winners will be selected by jury panel members and they will receive a formal invitation at least two weeks before the awarding.

In case a candidate is disqualified, the next best nominee will be selected, based on the rating by the jury.

9) Processing Fee and Takeaways:


i)Winners Trophy (Design Patented)

ii)Certificate of Excellence (Digital) -encrypted

iii)Certificate of Excellence -Hardcopy (Award Certificate)

iv)Letter of Appreciation

v)Winner Medal

vi)Exclusive Interview with the Award Champions.

vii) Exclusive article about the winner in our HumCen Awards 2022 Yearbook.

viii)Winners will feature in our “HALL OF FAME” for Global Visibility.

Note *: HumCen Co reserves the right to update the rules at any time. All updates will be posted on this page.
Updated Rules as of 6 PM, 3rd Day of March 2022.