About Awards

To honors the Human-Centered Innovations from the grassroots level, HumCen Global (P) Ltd, India desired to find and recognize these Innovators, Entities, and product Innovations from every part of the world for their Novel efforts.

This Award seeks to discover the hidden potential and best innovative practices of the Individuals, Researchers, Academicians, Entrepreneurs, and Organisations with a Human-Centered Mindset called ‘Human, The Center of the Design”.

We have put forth elementary norms and processes to establish the unnoticed Innovators into the Big Stage. The process starts with self-nomination or nomination by others in various award categories. All the registered nominee’s stories will go through by our juries. The deserved nominees will receive the respective Award in the Mega Virtual Award Ceremony hosting by HumCen Global (P) Ltd, India.

Celebration and Recognition are not only for those who have reached a big stage; we firmly believe that it must for the deserved people who want to get the big stage!