Category: Individual

Impact: The Nominee should be a founder of any promising venture with more than 3 years of establishment.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognises the most striving leaders who are building and sustaining successful businesses from the scratch. It honours business leaders who successfully run their venture and influences more young entrepreneurs to innovate new. Nomination for the award requires registration by self or by others. A photograph of the award winners will be displayed on the HumCen Awards website to acknowledge individuals’ success and encourage others to achieve this prominent award.

The winners will be recognized in a Mega Virtual Award Ceremony powered by HumCen Global Pvt.Ltd, India.

This award acknowledges the one who demonstrates excellence in all aspects of their engagement and leadership. Those who achieve this award will be a vibrant role model for others to follow their entrepreneurial efforts and concern to achieve something great needs to be recognized. Entrepreneur of the year Award enables all young upcoming entrepreneurs to think novel and trigger more innovative business practices into a successful venture.