Category: Individual

Impact: The Nominee should be a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with proven bold and innovative leadership records on any venture.

CEO of the Year Award recognises people for their outstanding bold and innovative leadership with powerful results for their stakeholders and society at large. It honours a CEO who successfully runs a venture with more value. Nomination for the award requires registration by self or by others. A photograph of the award winners will be displayed on the HumCen Awards website to acknowledge individuals’ success and encourage others to achieve this prominent award.

The winners will be recognised in a Mega Virtual Award Ceremony powered by HumCen Global Pvt.Ltd, India.

This award acknowledges the one who demonstrates excellence and outstanding bold practices in all aspects for their venture growth. Those who achieve this award will be a vibrant role model for others to follow their entrepreneurial efforts and concern to achieve something great needs to be recognised. The CEO of the Year Award enables all young upcoming entrepreneurs to think about innovative Leadership and trigger more innovative business practices into a successful venture.